Kings Lynn to Litle Snoring

Setting off late on a bank holiday weekend left us with only the campsite in Little Snoring having any space. It's about 20 miles from Kings Lynn so we set off on our first cycle trip together. With it being late and with darkness threatening soon we travelled to Little Snoring up the A road for speed. Unfortunatly we took the wrong route out of the station adding a couple of miles to our trip and a relatively steep uphill for people carrying their entire camping equipment.

Heading along the A-road was relatively quick but miserable. It rained and for some reason abou every tenth car that went passed felt oblidged to roll down the window and shout abuse at us. Eventually we made it to Little Snoring as it was beginning to get dark and we began to search for the campsite. Some time later after scouring Little Snorings two streets in depth we found a phone box and phone the campsite for directions. It turns out it's on the A-road about a mile past Little Snoring. Heading out there we found our small patch of space and proceeded to pitch camp in the dark lit only by candles.

Leaving Little Snoring we had far more time and chose to meander down many back streets. It was a blazing hot day and more of a series of one mile lazy cycles than an actual trip to get home. I'm not entirely sure of the route we followed and it involved travelling on a number of roads not marked on the map. However, the road between A and B was beatuiful, we travelled quickly down it, it had a lovely surface,no traffic and very gentle inclinations. After a stop for ice-cream in B we cycled the last part to Kings Lynn meeting the A-road at the last point.