Theford Forest

Taking the train to Theford from Cambridge was more difficult than we imagined. Travelling WAGN to Ely was fine and from there we change to Central Trains to Thetford. Central Trains have a 'bicycle compartment' for 'two bicycles'. This might be accurate for fold-up or very narrow racers but fully laden mountain bikes were not going to fit. We had to block the corridor in the middle of the train forcing the conductor to go round us at station stops.

Leaving Thetford there are a number of campsites marked on our map in the small part of the forest to the east. Cycling off to find these we discovered that we hadn't factored in the two mile drive the campsites might have and tried to find them by cycling along the road from the north. Travelling all the way down it very slowly we occasionally got sidetracked by what looked like campsites down tracks.

Cycling all the way around the forest we eventually found an extremely well equipped site hidden in the depths of the forest. I was slightly apprehensive about this, when camping by bike you can't do much apart from going to the pub once it's dark and I wasn't looking forward to a five mile bike road home afterwoods, fortunatly the campsite had an open onsite bar.

The trip home was much shorter, we also to a ride out to the much recommended Banham Zoo.