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Token: =>
Type: Conditional construct

<expr_1> <rel_op> <expr_2> => <statement>   [1]

<expr_1> => <statement>                     [2]


[1] : Executes <statement> if the equality/inequality <expr_1> <rel_op> <expr_2> is true. <rel_op> can be any of: =, <>, <, >, <=, >=

[2] (fx-9x50s only): Executes <statement> if <expr_1> is true (non-zero).

Other information:

This is a one-line form of the If..Then..IfEnd construct available on the fx-9x50s. It should be used when you only want a single-statement response to the condition being tested. It is usually best to use this form for single commands and If..Then..IfEnd for multiple commands or when you need the "Else".

It also acts as a syntax break, with a precedence effectively as low as newlines.

See also: If..Then..Else..EndIf, Goto
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