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Token: GetKey
Type: IO function


A read-only variable containing the value of the current key which is being pressed. All keys (apart from [AC]) return a unique value. If no key is being held down it has the value zero.

Other information:

GetKey has a slight bug, which may be hardware-based. If two keys with the same number of tens in their values are held down together it returns zero. Apart from the arrow keys, this means it will return zero if the keys are in the same row on the keyboard. Any other key-combinations will return the value of one of the keys held down (the first key held down I think).

The manual gives the values of each key, or you can use this program to display the value of whatever key is being pressed:

  1 -> A
  Lbl 0
    If GetKey<>A            ; <> means the "not equals" sign
    Then GetKey -> A
      Locate 1, 1, GetKey
  Goto 0

I intend to put a keymap giving all of the values up on this page at some point.

To wait for any key to be pressed before continuing, you can use this code:

  LpWhile GetKey=0

A similar effect can be achieved by using the display triangle token, _.

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