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Token: Range / ViewWindow
Type: IO function
Range <xmin>[,<xmax>[,<xscl>[,<ymin>[,<ymax>[,<yscl>[,<tmin>[,<tmax>[,<tscl>]]]]]]]]


Clears the graphics screen and sets the graphics variables Xmin, Xmax, Xscl, Ymin, Ymax, Yscl, Tmin, Tmax and Tscl. The first six of these affect the graphics screen axes. The last three set the range of the parametric variable T or the polar co-ordinates variable theta and can be omitted. <xmin> is required, the others are optional.

Other information:

The Range token was renamed as ViewWindow on the cfx9x50 models but the operation remained the same.

One of the most useful ranges in programs is to set up the range so that the pixel x from the left and y from the bottom is at the co-ordinates x, y. On a widescreen calculator this is done with the command:

  Range 1, 127, 0, 1, 63, 0
On other calculators you should use:
  Range 1, 95, 0, 1, 63, 0
You can also reflect and rotate graphs by swapping the maximum and minimum ranges for the axes, as in:
  Range 127, 1, 0, 63, 1, 0
(This turns a normal graphical program screen upside down)

Bugs and features

If you enter "ViewWindow" into a program and execute it, the syntax error occurs at the start of the next program in memory. I assume this is also true of "Range" on pre-9x50 calcs, but I haven't tested it.
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