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Token: Receive(
Type: IO function
Receive(<data structure>)


Receives a data structure over a cable from another calculator or computer and stores it in <data structure>. The next command is not executed until the data structure has been received successfully. The command times out with a COM error after 1 second.

<data structure> can be any of the following:

Other information:

My previous information about Send( and Receive( was incorrect. Apologies to anyone who this affected. While they cannot be used for programming head-to-head games, as I had hoped, these commands do have some use. When using Receive( on the receiving calculator, you should send the data using the calculator's transmit option (from the LINK menu), rather than with Send(. Similarly, if you use Send(, you should receive the data by putting the other calculator into receive mode (again from the LINK menu). Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be possible to use Send( on one calculator and Receive( on the other to transfer data between calculators. Thanks to Alberto Ricci Bitti for this information.
See also: Send(
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