Second axis

Britain's railways should be renationalised, and run by a public corporation rather than private companies.
The rich don't pay enough tax.
I am comfortable with the way that genetic engineering is being used in the food industry.
The UK was right to go to war in Iraq.
Most people should take responsibility for saving enough for their retirement, rather than relying on the Government to pay a big enough pension to live on.
This country should try to become more like France or Germany than the United States of America.
We should tax certain imported goods to protect British jobs in industries that produce those goods.
In general, private companies are run more efficiently than public services.
The West must accept at least some responsibility for al Qaeda's terrorist attacks.
The government is mostly interested in helping itself, not ordinary people.
Income tax should go up to pay for better public services.
We are already doing enough to tackle racial discrimination.
To alleviate shortages of nurses in the NHS, we should allow any qualified foreign nurse to move to this country.
The quality of our public services will improve if people are given the right to choose between different service providers.
There are some sexual acts which are immoral, even between consenting adults.
It's too easy to get an abortion these days; the law should be changed to make it harder.
The UK should withdraw from the European Union.
To get extra police on the beat, we should allow more suitably trained foreign police officers to move to the UK.
Prisons are too soft on criminals.
Fewer young people today have a sense of right and wrong than young people a generation ago.
Some crimes are so serious that the only proper punishment is the death penalty.
British people are too nationalistic.
The same moral values apply to everyone, regardless of nationality or culture.
The cost of living in the UK should be allowed to rise in order to fight global warming.
Most immigrants are beneficial to the UK.
I regularly volunteer or donate to charity.
It's more important to rehabilitate criminals than to punish them.
The government should give more aid to poor countries.
Most criminals turn to a life of crime because of the circumstances in which they were raised.
Working people pay too much tax.
There are drugs which are currently banned which should be legalised.
National law should always override international agreements and European directives.