23 July, 2002: Let the wicked fall into their own nets

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Your right to roam versus a man who is a particularly nasty piece of work, even for a property developer...

Mr. David Lepper: ... I am concerned that the Bill might not prevent obstruction such as that perpetrated by Mr. van Hoogstraten because it does not provide a right to require the removal of buildings that obstruct rights of way. It is a building that obstructs part of the right of way on the van Hoogstraten estate.
That is a point of detail, but it is of local concern to me, to my constituents and, I am sure, to Mr. van Hoogstraten. I believe that he was once one of my constituents, but thankfully he is one no longer.
Mr. David Taylor: Where has he gone then?
Mr. Lepper: I hope, as I am sure my constituents do, that he is incarcerated in his mausoleum.

Here is the gigantic and hideous house which he is building in Sussex. Or a map. It has a frontage longer than Buckingham Palace and contains a mausoleum which is intended to last 5,000 years. Long may he rest in it -- and soon....

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