17 November, 2002: Any publicity

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This is the most surreal spam I've received in, oh, weeks. It must have been done with Babel Fish or its equivalent. I particularly like `our hand of working is well mais cockroach', though I'm at a loss as to what it might mean....

Good Morning !
Dear Mr,
Are one company Brazilian located of Florianópolis -- SC, dispose now of 65 web designers and with big experience in the elaboration of Web Sites. Like of learning if exists to possibility to have one organization and will develop some projects for yours company, being that our hand of working is well mais cockroach and dispose of one great team prepared and with softwares and hardwares of last generation.
Without more, await contact.
Luís Cláudio R. do Prado clik@clikbrasil.com.br Fone/fax: ou fax 51 (2148) 259-5003 / 9958-8544

We can only assume that this chap doesn't know my views on web design.

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