1 May, 2003: Do not even attempt to go calmly...

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(I should probably point out that all this security crap did make me really, really angry. Without it I might have made it through `Stay Calm April' relatively trouble free; after all, my vote won't make a difference, I am unlikely to be machine-gunned by some trigger-happy Yank and my mostly-futile attempts to upgrade a computer took place before I decided to `Stay Calm'. The take-home message, of course, is nothing to do with security: it's `stay out of local news groups'. If you want the answer to a question, find it yourself, however much it might be of general interest. As somebody once said,

Go not to USENET for advice, for they will say both `no' and `yes' and `try another newsgroup',

though in this case it's more like,

Go not to local newsgroups for advice, since you won't get anything but patronising content-free crap from most of them and the whole experience will just make you angry.

Rant over.)

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