6 May, 2003: Cartography for fun and profit

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And this week on `Media Errors Monthly',

The Editor,
The Economist,
25 St. James's Street,


I read with interest your article (``Special Report: North Korea'', May 3rd) on the nuclear ambitions of North Korea. However, I must take issue with the map you print (page 30) showing the threat posed by North Korea's missiles. Not only do the ranges printed in the accompanying table not match the map -- the circles on the map have about half the proper radii -- but it appears that your cartographers have made an elementary error of map projections in their drawing.

I have prepared corrected plots. The revised maps may be of particular interest to your readers in northern Russia, Canada, Finland and so forth.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Lightfoot.

The new maps:

Revised maps accurately depicting missile ranges

Copyright (c) 2003 Chris Lightfoot; available under a Creative Commons License.