12 December, 2003: Getting the hang of Fridays

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Actually, sod this, I'm not going to let these fuckers get away with their incompetence:

Directors' Office,
BUPA House,
15--19 Bloomsbury Way,

Dear ---,

Thank you for your letter (reference XX/XXXX-04DEC03/XX/XXX). I trust that despite it being misaddressed to a `Mr. C M Lightfoot', I will not now start receiving correspondence for an additional, fictional person.

You have misunderstood the problem. The letters that I have received were being sent to me at an address where I receive mail (though not my home address); they were not, as you suggest, being wrongly delivered by Royal Mail; in fact, they had been sent by BUPA to the wrong person. I suspect that you have a database of people to whom you deliver mail -- I'm sure I got junk mail from BUPA before you started sending me bills -- and that database did not distinguish two people with substantially similar names.

In any case it seems all I can do is hope that the letters stop arriving.

You did not answer my question about credit ratings. What information does BUPA send to credit reference agencies, in general? Has it sent any information to any credit reference agencies regarding me because I have not paid these misdirected bills? Has it sent any information to any credit reference agencies which would connect me with this other C W Lightfoot, who is nothing to do with me and about whose credit record I know nothing?

Thank you also for your comments about purchasing health insurance. Are you aware of any `league table' which would allow me to compare insurers on the basis of how often they make time-consuming bureaucratic errors?

Yours sincerely,

Chris Lightfoot.

Let's see what happens now.

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