8 June, 2004: Bloody English Democrats again

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I was hoping to be able to stay off this subject, but earlier I received word from Matthew Sinclair that somebody has been impersonating me in the comments on his website. Since these comments were posted following up comments from somebody signing themselves `English Democrat', I think it's a fairly safe assumption that the pond life who make up that mob have been putting words into my mouth.

This is actually so pathetic that I am not even angry about it. (Well, a little bit.) Matthew has kindly edited the comments on his site to make clear that they are not mine. I note merely that, while a political party cannot sue me for defamation, the converse is not true. Certainly, it's likely that I have better things to do with my time than start a libel action against a pissant mob -- but don't rely on it.

For information, the comments are here and here. As usual, the English Democrats show themselves to be barely literate; this time round they were a little more sparing with the Capital Letters, though they were a bit more enthusiastic with line breaks:

I have checked them out - I'll be voting for the English Democrats

even if it is just to make St George's Day a Public Holiday

and of course to prevent Labour splitting up England into 9 Regions.

As it happens, I agree entirely that St. George's Day should be a public holiday. In Turkey. Where he was from. If we're going to have a new public holiday here, I think we should have one which celebrates Britain's great contributions to the peace, prosperity and freedom of Europe. I recommend Trafalgar Day (21st October) or D-Day (6th June, as anybody who has seen the news in the past month or so will remember).

In the other comment, `I' wondered whether,

the English Democrats will also get some `fall-out' from all this UKIP interest.

Sadly I think it's unlikely that they'll be subject to fall-out or any of the other effects of nuclear weapons. Well, we can hope, I suppose.


(Update: Pete wrote to the English Democrats to ask where they stood on free speech. Their response was not very convincing.)

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