Tom's DEPRECATED Webpage

After a short period of depreciation, my webpage is now merely deprecated again. "Due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone."

You can still send me email to complain about this disgraceful waste of your precious time if you want. If you do want to, you should try or

There is now another photo of me available on the web (that I know of). And this one you don't even need a calculator to view. But I'm still not telling you where it is.


Of course, these aren't my real interests. These are just the ones which I take some pleasure in creating a webpage about. For example, just because I haven't mentioned beautiful women, it doesn't mean I'm not interested in them...

Clear? Ok. (The beautiful women webpage is still on the backburner...)

My interests in brief...

You can get a quick glimpse of what my psyche was like two years ago by looking at: My old Netscrape bookmarks Of course, "I'm better now. Clearer."

People I met

While few people I know have webpages and fewer are proud of them, here's some web addresses I've managed to get my GLMs on:

If you know me and have a web page you want mentioned, mail me and I'll be happy to oblige.


By a bizarre sequence of coincidences and clerical errors, I ended up here, at Cambridge Uni. You could use that link, but I wouldn't advise it. Uni homepages suck worse than this. You might want to check out The Rainbow Group's homepage though. If you think that a University with the prestige this place seems to think it has should provide its students with webpages, you could always mail here: Not that I'm encouraging you to...

It does have the famous networked coffee machine, though.

Since writing the webpage part, I've come to discover that this is merely another symptom of their gross paranoia. This doesn't necessarily mean that their paranoia is unfounded... they could well be right (at least in some respects). Another symptom of this is that this page is only visible within Clare at this point. Which is a shame.

You are the 2,343,536th person to visit this page.

Yes, I know that's not quite accurate yet. As soon as I've worked out how to run cron jobs I'll get that to update from my stats page. Actually, that's a lie. Chances are I'll never bother to do it. After all, who cares?

If the answer is "me!", then you can check my stats page yourself. My sysop Seb still seems to have things ticking along nicely. You can still compare my stats to the global stats for the server and see how having a load of pages and no robots.txt file can really work wonders for your hit count... (cwrl2 has given up cheating now that he knows it won't work :-)

I now use HotBot when I want answers, rather than InfoSeek. I've been pleasantly surprised by its hit rates. I never did find out whether Lycos learned HTML. I suppose I could put a HotBot bar here...

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