Web Template Applicator (WTA)

  • ...is a freeware program which takes blocks of text or HTML source and search-and-replaces it into the correct parts of a template file which contains most of the page look and layout HTML formatting.
  • ...was created in order to make it easier to create web sites which use many pages with a constant format. A good example is the Casio Graphical Calculator Encyclopaedia , which was compiled using WTA. Any indexed reference material is likely to be suitable. If you create any such pages on the web using WTA, tell me and I'll quote them as examples here.
  • ...can also be used the other way around, with one source and multiple templates, so you could give your pages a frames version and a no-frames version, or a high graphics version and a low graphics version.
  • ...was compiled using Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0 for MS-DOS. I will recompile it under other operating systems whenever I find a suitable compiler for that operating system. Feel free to recompile it yourself, of course.
  • ...doesn't leave any nasty messages in your HTML, although you can get it to put in things like date and time of compilation if you want. If you use it on something big, I'd appreciate a mention somewhere though.

Ok, that's about it. Enjoy.


I wrote WTA for my own personal use. Programs I do like this I do sloppily. I fix bugs as I find them, rather than thinking it all through beforehand. I admit this.

WTA did have some bugs. I fixed them. But WTA might have some more that I didn't fix. So I take NO LIABILITY. For ANYTHING. At all. Ok? If not, don't download it. Those are the rules.

Files to download

Filename Description Comment
WTA.EXE WTA executable Not zipped. It's only small. (approx 17k)
WTA.PAS WTA Pascal source code Not zipped. That's only small too. (approx 20k)
WTA.TXT Documentation Such as it is. Get it anyway.
COMPILE.BAT Compiles multiple sources into a single template You'll need to edit it slightly.
MAKEFILE.BAT An example "makefile" The makefile for this page.
For multiple pages, you'll need to do one of these.
INDEX.WTS The source to this page Just an example. Might be useful.
INDEX.WTT The template for this page Ditto.
Last updated: Saturday, 18 October, 1997