2 July, 2004: Spot the difference

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I don't often read the tabloids, or, rather, I read them when I find a discarded copy on the train. Actually that's quite frequently. Anyway, from today's Sun:

THE SUN SAYS: Leave us alone

MEMO to the Government: Leave the poor bloody motorist alone.


Now someones had the bright idea of computers linked to satellites to enforce the speed limits.


Once every car, van, lorry and motorbike in the land is linked by satellite to a Big Brother computer, they've got us.

They can track us, control us, fine us and snoop on us.

This is still a free country. Let's keep it that way.

(I've mentioned in-car telemetry systems before; today's Sun did a review piece on a trial that's presently taking place of a system which uses GPS and -- relatively -- nonintrusive user interface features -- bleeping noises and vibrating accelerator pedal -- to warn drivers when they are exceeding the limit.)

Anyway, the Sun today seems to be taking a commendable stance on individual liberty (at least for motorists). Hooray for Australian tycoons and their outmoded morals!

And now let's go back in time to 26th April this year.

THE SUN SAYS: Don't weaken

IDENTITY cards are an excellent idea but they will be pointless if they're watered down.

[... snip bogstandard Blunkettesque rant in favour of compulsory cards ...]

Shurely shome mishtake?

Update: I bet you thought I'd forgotten the ID cards / holiday photos rule. Well, err, I had. Here it is, anyway:


(And no snide comments about the sort of people with whom I go on holiday.)

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